Field Lighting

Field lighting permeates every community in the U.S. yet very few communities are using energy efficient lighting.  There are many reasons for this:  long life installed base of HID lighting, limited time used and overall cost.  As energy costs continue to rise, the payback for an energy efficient system shortens.  The question is, how do I light a field efficiently?  The answer is ... it depends.  Factors such as illumination and pole height may lead to an eHID system or an LED system.  Temperature and cost also play into the calculation.

How many times have you driven by a park and seen the field lights on late at night but no one on the field?  With the addition of a control system, this perception can be minimized through scheduling or remote control.

Combining energy efficiency with a field lighting control system is the nirvana of responsible public policy.  No wasted money when people are not using the fields and energy savings when they are.
















The system illustrated here (Green Lighting Group's) provides individual or pole light control from anywhere you can be connected to the Internet via a highly secure web portal or mobile app.  The iLighting Manager® provides:

  • On/Off
  • Dimming (different level for practice vs game)
  • Scheduling (by leagues or teams)
  • Lighting patterns (different for football vs baseball vs lacrosse, etc.)


With total administrative control, each park or field could be commanded by a coach or league scheduler.  Lights on when you arrive and dim then off when you leave.

Contact GLG today to learn more about our Field Lighting solutions.  Note that with the PLC/BPL solution, no communication wiring or WIFI connections to the lights is needed.