Welcome to Green Lighting Group

Green Lighting Group provides energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial, retail and industrial settings. Clients enjoy GLG's in-depth knowledge about the new-era of digital lighting, mainly LED, and control systems including GLG's iLighting Manager® software.

Services include auditing/lighting energy calculations, design, procurement and installation.  GLG assists clients with any or all of these - depending on need and budget.

Lighting comprises approximately 20+% of an enterprises entire electricity bill.  The vast majority of lights currently in place in commercial and industrial settings are:

  • Fluorescent - most offices and some warehouse and manufacturing
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) - warehouses, factories, outdoors
  • Incandescent - offices, outdoors


All of these technologies were invented over 100 years ago - HID was first demonstrated by Francis Hauksbee in 1705, fluorescent lighting was patented in 1901 and incandscent light research started in 1802 and was perfected by our good friend Thomas A. Edison.  Since then, little has changed and the amount of energy they use has not changed either.  Additionally, the world around us is basically full of 'bad light' ... either too much or too little and often the wrong color.  (Read about light color temperature.)

GLG's mission is to help update our world of bad using the most modern technology available.  HID lighting has the beauty of producing a tremendous amount of light that is great of the human eye.  New, electronic technology is now allowing HID lights to become almost as efficient as the LED.  Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are incredibly efficient.  LEDs were invented in 1927 and finally commercially perfected in 1962.  The initial use was in electronic devices for displays but recent advancements and production methods have created LED lights for task and commercial applications.  However, the technology for large scale task lighting still has challenges - heating and cost.  With both eHID and LED, digital controls are now possible ... not simply a rheostat based dimmer switch.

So what do you choose?  Which technology is best for your needs?  How do I get the best light for the least cost ... not only now but ongoing?  GLG is here to help provide those answers.

As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) owned by The Kuskokwim Corporation an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), 100% of our net profits go to preserve a 10,000 year old culture, the health and education of our 3,800 Yupik native shareholders. Green Lighting Group is proud to be certified by the CVMSDC.