State of Outdoor Lighting - DOE

The Department of Energy has released a new study on the state of LED outdoor area lighting.  Authored out of its CALiPER program, the DOE notes:

  • LED outdoor lamps and luminaires are becoming more efficient
  • Replacing the fixture is preferred over LED retrofit kits or lamps
  • Like all LED products, quality of light and efficiency are all over the place (some good - some bad)

You can read the report at Snapshot Report on Outdoor Area Lighting.

New Forecast of Savings from LED out from DOE

SSL Energy Savings

Huge Savings from Solid State Lighting Projected

A new report shows that savings will top 5 Quads by 2035.  (A 'quad' is roughly 293,071,000,000 kilowatt-hours ... definition here.)  This is a tremendous amount of energy saved and points to how important LED lighting has become in the quest to reduce the US energy demand.

Read the full report.