Less Energy | Better Light

Green Lighting Group provides energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial, retail and industrial settings. Mainly a distributor of 250+ innovative brands, clients also enjoy GLG’s in-depth knowledge about the new-era of digital lighting, mainly LED, and control systems including GLG’s iLighting ManagerĀ® software.

GLG sells LED, Fluorescent, HID and traditional Incandescent fixtures and lamps.

GLG’s mission is to help update our world of bad, inefficient lighting using the most modern technology available.

As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) owned by The Kuskokwim Corporation an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), 100% of our net profits go to preserve a 10,000 year old culture, the health and education of our 3,800 Yupik native shareholders. Green Lighting Group is proud to be certified by the CVMSDC. Certificate# CA01875